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qTrace Manager

qTrace Manager allows an agile team to collaborate, plan, and track all of their testing activities. Users can create a testing task, assign it to one or more testers, and view the results of the testing, quickly and simply.

I worked with the qTrace team to design and build the product from the scratch. I designed the website and desktop application interface. My goal was to give an effective and clean interface to this application.

qTrace Website

Web application

UI Elements

The application interface should be minimal and focus on text. Each board has a representive color to make it easy to identify things at a glance.

The boards also have big bold text on their header to quickly express their main message or purpose. User can double click to change card's name.

qTrace UI Elements

Windows application

qTrace Recorder

Define your charter, start your session and it does the rest intelligently capturing your actions as you move through your testing. The output is rich step-by-step documentation that leaves no question on what or how you tested.

I analyzed the requirement of qTrace to understand the features users would expect to find in the application. I wanted to create an interface that would both feel familiar to tester and fit within the Windows.

qTrace Recorder

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